JD: Alone, I Play Tour


In October 2007, Jonathan Davis announced he would be embarking on an acoustic solo tour called 'alone i play', his first ever, in November 2007. He has said he will be playing songs from the Queen Of The Damned soundtrack (which he co-composed), cover songs, rare unplayed Korn songs, and Korn classics. The tour is being completely produced by Richard Gibbs. His touring band consists of the following artists:

Michael Jochum - percussion
Shane Gibson - guitar
Miles Mosely - upright bass
Zac Baird - keyboards
Shenkar - violin

Los dejo con esta cancion que formo parte de su tour, llamada: "4 U"

Lyric 4 U:
This shit right here is for you.
On your faces I can see.
You all think it's up on me.
I'm about to break.
This is my fate?
Am I still doomed to a life?
Of misery and hate.

You would have never known.
What I've done for you.
What you may put me through.
I'd do it for you.
I could have never lived.
If it wasn't for you

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