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Desde hace mucho, mucho tiempo que escuché la siguiente canción y que por más que la tenía presente para plasmarlo por aquí desde hace uff, nuevamente gracias a "las notas" que suelo hacer en diferentes lugares (libretas, papeles, hojas de reuso) veo que en uno de éstos fue donde precisamente hice anotación de ello. Por tal motivo esta tarde media lluviosa anda por estos lugares la canción de Suede llamada She's In Fashion ...

::: extracto :::

"She's in Fashion" is the second single from the album Head Music by Suede. It was released on 21 June 1999 and Peaked at no 13 on the UK singles chart. "She's In Fashion" is a summery pop song, which features a swirling synth line that helps build the song into a dreamy up-tempo track, quite unlike anything the band had previously done up to that point. NME said that "She's in Fashion" "Features oriental-type keyboards, and sounds like a cross between pop David Bowie and The Chi-Lites." The song ends with the lyrical coda: "Sunshine blow my mind and the wind blow my brain."[2] All the songs were produced by Mick Glossop except "She's in Fashion", which was produced by Steve Osborne.

She's the face on the radio
She's the body on the morning show
She's there shaking it out on the scene
And she's the colour of a magazine


And she's in fashion
Ouh Ouh Ouh
And she's in fashion
Ouh Ouh Ouh

She's employed where the sun don't set
And she's the shape of a cigarette
And she's the shake of a tambourine
And she's the colour of a magazine



Ah Ah
And if she tells you two is one
Then two is one my love
Ah Ah
And if she tells you you should know
Then you should know my love

She is strung out on a TV dream
And she's the taste of the gasoline
And she's as similar as you can get
To the shape of a cigarette



The sunshine will blow my mind
And the wind blows my brain

PS. Genial canción.
PS2. Released on 21 June 1999 :O

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