Mashup & Mix (DD Pt. 3)


Hoy de nueva cuenta aparece KoRn, con este (video) álbum:

"The compilation features remixes of selected songs from See You on the Other Side made using chopped and screwed technique by DJ Michael "5000" Watts, exclusive mash-up remix entitled "Coming Undone wit It" with Atlanta crunk-rap group, Dem Franchize Boyz along with two fan remixes of hit single "Coming Undone" from the winners of the Acid Planet remix contest, as well as live performances recorded in various locations, two acoustic renditions of singles - "Twisted Transistor", and "Coming Undone", previously unreleased, animated video for the song "Liar", music videos for "Twisted Transistor", and "Coming Undone" and interviews with the band. Korn is one of the first alternative metal bands to have an album chopped and screwed, as this method of remixing is often reserved for Southern Rap style groups, or music stylings."

Lo que trae el:

Disc: 1 - Chopped & Screwed (CD)
1."Twisted Transistor" - 5:03
2."Hypocrites" - 3:44
3."Getting Off: DJ Michael "5000" Watts" - 3:17
4."Getting Off" - 4:04
5."For No One" - 4:52
6."Love Song" - 4:44
7."10 Or A 2-Way" - 4:07
8."Coming Undone" - 4:05
9."Coming Undone Wit It / Korn vs. Dem Franchize Boyz" - 3:29

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