Colaboraciones [Pt. 5]


Ahora veremos este video, donde sale Fred Durst…

Artista: Methods Of Mayhem
Álbum: Methods Of Mayhem (1999)
Título: Get Naked (Feat. Lil Kim/George Clinton/Mix Master Mike/Fred Durst)

{Tommy Lee} Seventy-seven million dollars made from watchin' me cum under the sun on my vacation
(after hours on spectravision) shootin' my jizzy jizzum.
The woody has rizzy rizen.
I ain't gettin' paid to entertain your bridal showers
rockin' my porno tape for hours 'n' hours.
Clitoris's are fearin me, it's bigger than Ron Jeremy.

{Fred Durst} Cause it's them ass cheeks that make my ass weak and I've been runnin' with the blueballs since last week, so if you ask me I'll be glad to speak after we get butt naked and break it down with NASTY

[Chorus] Get, get naked
come on baby make it hot.
Get, get naked
ride the cock till you hit the spot
get, get naked,
come on baby make it hot
get naked

Roof, roof, doin' it doggy style. Bow wow wow, yippie yo yippe ye, Bow wow, yippie yo yippie

{Tilo} The little geisha ho from Tokyo who said she could blow ten dollas
love me long time in a limo for really doh.
I'm just tryin' to fly with the flows, freak some ho's
blow up the shows, make a little dough-ho.
As if you didn't know back to the strip club freakin' up some ho-ho's,
swingin' my dingaling, it ain't no thing.
It's those intergalactic ho's who came down in those space probes, five green hienas representin' with no clothes.

{Mix master mike} Mix Master Mike makin' the pussy tight,
no jimmy, no gimme, no lust in the methods of mayhem we trust!
It's a must so rip off yer clothes and expose yer bust!

{Fred Durst}


You only love me when you want punanny

{Lil Kim} Queen bitch, red lipstick, the all black harlot call me black barbie.
Fuck a blow job, it's a motherfuckin' hobbie, under 7 inches ahhh sorry.minute men.
I can't fuck wit them
I like to ride the cock till you hit the spot. uhhh come on baby make it hot.
Got a convertable, drop the top before we do a thing.
I want the diamonds and the rings, the furs, the minks, the jewels, the links.
You know, I'm freaky so ya go to eat me and uh, I know you hate it but uh, get naked.

{Tommy, Lil Kim} You ain't lickin' this, you ain't stickin' this, we don't want the dick, fuck the cunt games you girls that complain and I ain't leavin until you're sleepin on the cum stains.


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mmmm creo que el disco lo tengo jijiji!!! ya hace un chingo que o poseo ... o no sé!!!

pero tengo unos tuyos que por cierto ya ni los tosté por que mi chingadera ya no quemaba bien ... who knows!!